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02/01/2021 - New Music Monday

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Happy Monday, happy February friends!

It always feels better to be on this side of January - like spring is just around the corner and we've almost made it through winter. There's enough snow on the ground now that just going for a normal hike is a workout.

This was a good week for the playlist, I'm really excited to share these songs with you, but my favorites are....

I NEED YOU by Jon Batiste. This man is so multi-talented it's hard to know where to start but I found the music video for I NEED YOU on YouTube and fell in love immediately. It's old school fun, it's happy and most importantly it will make you dance.

Though they are not well known, The Ella Sisters are quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. Their sound is uniquely their own and I find myself really listening to their lyrics as well as their melodies. Neon Lights is their latest single and the words that jumped out at me were "I thought I had no anger in me, until you showed me differently".

It drew me in and then made me giggle at the lyrics - CHARGER by ELIO is about successfully ending a relationship only to realize you've left your phone charger behind and your phone is about to die. It has a chill pop vibe with little vocal gems sprinkled in the verses and confident electronic drums in the chorus.

Click here to listen on Spotify.


I NEED YOU - Jon Batiste

American Dream - Willie Jones

Neon Lights - The Ella Sisters

Crash and Burn - Maggie Lindenmann

Black Hole - Griff

Anxious - Dennis Lloyd

Portra 400 - Arlo Parks

Night Like This - daydream Masi



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