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03/22/2021 - New Music Monday

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Welcome to Monday!

While the weekend may never seem long enough, sometimes what is enough is to find something special in each day. Since the quarantines, panic and general chaos of 2020 started, I've taken up birding and it has helped me be excited for each day. While the week may seem dull and routine, if you take a walk or look out your window, you might just see something unexpected.

This week in new music:

Payday is one of my favorite up and coming female rappers. She's talented and has a unique voice (both vocally and lyrically). This week we picked "Cry" from her new album P.U.K.E Tapes, Vol. 3. It's a shoutout to mental health awareness, telling the boy in the song to be honest about his feelings and that it's okay to be vulnerable.

Not exactly new music, but a cover that's new is Phoebe Bridger's Spotify single "Summer's End" by John Prine. It's delicate and nostalgic and perfectly captures that end of August feeling which is so bittersweet.

"Feels (feat. Khalid)" by WATTS is soft and relaxing, like warm water washing over you. The use of synths is tasteful and and compliments the singer's luxurious vocals.

Click here to listen on Spotify.


Slow Clap - Gwen Stefani

Delicious - Nick Jonas

Cry - Payday

Show U Off - Brent Faiyaz

On The Ground - Rose

LOST - NF, Hopsin


Summer's End - Phoebe Bridgers, Maria Taylor (Spotify Singles)

My Future - CHIKA (Spotify Singles)

Feels (feat. Khalid) - WATTS, Khalid


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