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06/14/21 - New Music Monday

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Happy Monday world,

June has decided to be rebellious and ignore what's expected of it and be burning hot like July and August are. Suddenly we're all in shorts and tank tops, our bodies unable to cope with this heat wave and contemplating how to become best friends with our neighbors with a pool. I'm trying my best to stop myself from complaining about it though - this is still better than snow.

This week in new music....

Jxdn released his new EP THINK ABOUT ME and we're featuring the title track on this week's playlist. His sound is nostalgic and reminiscent of the 2010 era of Alternative Rock while still bringing his own voice to the table. "THINK ABOUT ME" is about that ex that didn't work out but you still can't stop obsessing over them and pretending that being friends will work.

Up and coming Brighton based rapper ArrDee, known for his viral lyrics and clever observations, released his new single "Oliver Twist" with the catchy refrain "I just wanted some MORE, wanted some more" a nod to a line from the classic Dickens novel. ArrDee also keeps his accent when he raps which makes him stand out from the crowd and makes your ears perk up to hear what he has to say.

Click here to listen on Spotify.



Oliver Twist - ArrDee

The Way - Dennis Lloyd

How Can I Make It OK? - Wolf Alice

SO WHAT! - jxdn

Slide Tackle - Japanese Breakfast

Change - H.E.R.

American Dream - Baby Queen, MAY-A

More of You - JP Saxe

Tunnel - Polo & Pan, Channel Tres


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