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06/21/2021 - New Music Monday

Happy Monday new music lovers,

I'd like to wish a very happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there - I hope you had a great day and were able to enjoy time with your family this weekend. Yesterday marked the first day of summer and also the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. For me, it marks the part of summer where everything starts speeding up and there's a nagging voice inside my head that says if I don't start planning out trips and time to see friends and family that summer will slip away before I know it. It's a good reminder to take a deep breath and enjoy today, even if it's Monday.

Jessie J makes a triumphant return after several years of no new music with her new single "I Want Love". I've been missing a real powerhouse vocal recently in the new releases I'm discovering, so I was very excited to hear this track. Jessie J's soulful voice punches past the accompaniment to stand front and center in the mix, while the rhythm guitar in the verses has a and edgy drive that reminds me of "Eye of the Tiger".

Kelsea Ballerini and Paul Klein of LANY join forces on their song "I Quit Drinking" for what can only be described as a beautiful break up song. If a rainy day was a song it would be this one, their voices compliment each other so well I would love to hear more duets from them. The song details a relationship that was built on fun, going out and drinking and when it ends, neither person can handle a drink without desperately wanting the other back. The music video is also worth a watch as Ballerini and Klein's chemistry is off the charts.

A relatively short little song, "Escalator" by Ritt Momney is one of my favorites from the playlist this week. The lyrics are minimal but haunting, helped along by echo effects and distortion. The fluid motion of the music is steadied by a strong, constant drumbeat that drives the song forward.

Click here to listen on Spotify.

Click here to listen on YouTube.


I Want Love - Jessie J

Thot Shit - Megan Thee Stallion

Button - Maroon 5, Anuel AA, Tainy

I Quit Drinking - Kelsey Ballerini, LANY

Remedy - Maroon 5, Stevie Nicks

Just For Me - SAINt JHN, SZA

Escalator - Ritt Momney

My Own Monster - X Ambassadors

Fire In My Head - Two Feet

Sick of The Silence - Mother Mother

oOo that's my type - Marian Hill, Yung Baby Tate

Having Our Way - Migos, Drake

Solar Power - Lorde


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