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07/19/21 - New Music Monday

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Happy Monday!

I've been spending an unworthy amount of time thinking about mosquitoes. How to avoid them, where I think they'll potentially be bad and if I should be wearing pants and long sleeve shirts at all times. This week's blog photo was taking moments before being attacked by about thirty mosquitoes. This time of year, seeing beautiful things in nature comes with the sacrifice of comfort.

"Keto" by IDK featuring Swae Lee and Rico Nasty employs more elements than just a simple beat with rapping over it. The percussion is not relentless and monotonous the way a lot of rap songs are but it's artfully incorporated to grab your attention at transition points and to add importance to the lyrics. It's really well done and of course a jam.

You might remember her as being awkward, boisterous and full of personality on American Idol but Catie Turner's new album Heartbroken and Milking It shows depth, growth and showcases her beautiful voice. As the album's title suggests, the content focuses mainly on a breakup and failing relationships I'm always surprised by how many songs can be written on the subject of love and still find new ways of describing it. In her song "Funeral", Turner explores the end of a relationship and asks "How do you throw a funeral for something that isn't dead".

Click here to listen on Spotify.


I Go (edit) - Peggy Gou

Cambia el Paso - Jennifer Lopez, Rauw Alejandro

Keto - IDK, Swae Lee, Rico Nasty

Hotel - Claire Rosinkranz

Love On The Moon - Catie Turner

Just A Mess - Tones And I

Cure for Me - AURORA

Take My Name - Parmalee

dumb dumb - mazie

Demeanor - Pop Smoke, Dua Lipa

Funeral - Catie Turner


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