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07/26/21 - New Music Monday

Happy Monday!

This was my view for the weekend, a special thank you to John for such a lovely experience and letting me be a lake house person for a short while. It was relaxing and so much fun.

Scottish synth-pop band CHVRCHES released their new single Friday called "Good Girls". Lead singer Lauren Mayberry's vocals have such pure clarity and gives a perfect platform for their lyrics to be heard and understood which allows them to convey their message with ease. "Good Girls" deals with the unfair expectations placed on women to be 'good' and 'perfect' all the time and calling out idols that don't serve you anymore.

NASAYA and Maro join forces for a beautiful, beat-driven look at the state of the world in their song "I SEE IT COMING". The bassline is especially enjoyable as well as the electronic vocal play in the intro and outro. It's moody, unaffected and is deserving of several listens, best experienced on a rainy day, accompanied by dancing.

Click here to listen on Spotify.

Click here to listen on YouTube.


edamame - bbno$, Rich Brian

Don't Go Yet - Camila Cabello

Sleeping On My Left - GASHI

Psycho - Dixie, Rubi Rose

Beautiful - Anne-Marie

Shiver - Micky James

Good Girls - CHVRCHES

On My Way Again - Ali Coyle

As You Are - Samia

a woman is a god - Tommy Genesis

Right On Time - Brandi Carlile



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