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08/22/21 - New Music Monday

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Happy Monday!

This weekend was filled up with enjoying the great outdoors, lots of gorgeous sunsets, sunshine and sunburns. The world seems to be full of pain right now and the closest I can get to healing from it is to disconnect, stop reading the news and statistics and pay close attention to the way the birds are still minding their own business and going about their lives, unaffected by the human world.

The lull of summer releases is letting up and more albums are coming out as autumn nears. It felt like single land for a while there. With that being said... we're as guilty of a liking a good single as anyone because Ed Sheeran announced he is releasing his new album = later this year and we're featuring another track from it "Visiting Hours" on the playlist this week. According to Sheeran's Instagram, it's dedicated to his good friend Michael who passed away earlier this year. As COVID continues to plague our society and change our realities I think a lot of us are coming in contact with grief and fear, this song is raw look at loss and grief and all that we stand to lose.

salem ilese cleverly incorporates the unspoken ingredient of every breakup - Ben & Jerry's. It's the most expensive option at the grocery store and yet when you're completely down in the dumps it feels like the most worthy comfort. With a delightful amount of ice cream puns in the song, she illustrates the end of a relationship with lighthearted candor.

Click here to listen on Spotify.


I Feel Good - Pitbull, Anthony Watts, DJWS

One Mississippi - Kane Brown

I wanna love you but I don't - Ben Platt

You're Not Special, Babe - Orla Gartland

Survivor - Nathanial Rateliff and The Night Sweats

Chasing Stars - Alesso, Marshmello, James Bay

Ben & Jerry - salem ilese

Mood Ring - Lorde

Visiting Hours - Ed Sheeran


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