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12/07/20 - New Music Monday

Hey there, welcome to December.

This week we explore new music from Shawn Mendes, Paloma Faith and Rotimi to name a few. I wish I liked Mendes's Wonder album more than I did but it felt very commercialized and detached from the talent I know he has. I remember when I first heard Stitches and it instantly felt important and special to me; I guess I was looking for something like that from this album. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the song that's featured this week Higher because it did feel unique caught my attention.

After being introduced to Paloma Faith when she released Better Than This back in September, I couldn't wait for her new album to be released. It took me a few weeks to pick songs from it because I liked the whole album so much. I finally chose Gold and Infinite Things. Gold because we all need a good song that teaches us to believe in ourselves and Infinite Things because the lyrics are so beautiful that everyone should hear them. In my own interpretation of the meaning, I imagine the song is for a person that you love so deeply and you want the world to be perfect for them but it's not and so you're telling them that they're perfect and they make your world better because of it.

Rotimi's new single Love Somebody is a tribute to his relationship with his girlfriend Vanessa Mdee. It's gentle and sweet with an honest dialogue that comes from a relationship that is filled with trust.

Click here to listen on Spotify.

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