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12/21/20 - New Music Monday

Happy Monday!

It's almost Christmas and because this year looks different than holidays in the past, I'm taking a new approach by buying myself presents. Not anything crazy, just a few things that I've wanted for a while and put off. There's something undeniably exciting about opening boxes that reminds me of Christmas, even if the gifts are from myself.

My favorite song on the playlist this week is Rainbow by Bladee. This Swedish artist who rejects popular genre standards created an electronic song that is undeniably enjoyable. As Bladee says in the song, it lets us "put the world on hold, for a moment".

I'm creating a Christmas playlist that's not new music but this new song will make it on the playlist. Marry Christmas by salem ilese is adorable (to say the least). Ilese imagines Christmas is a person one could marry and have Christmas all year round. This includes pumpkin pie at every meal, never losing your cheer and getting presents for the other 11 months in the year.

I've always loved Kacey Musgraves and was thrilled when I heard Troye Sivan had re-released his song Easy to include Musgraves and Mark Ronson. Easy has an electronic pop beat that keeps the song light while the lyrics deal with the struggles of a complicated relationship when neither person is 'easy' to be with and the pain that that kind of romance eventually brings.

Click here to listen on Spotify.

Click here to listen on YouTube.


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