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8/24/20 - New Music Monday

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Happy Monday

This week I'm finding myself hanging onto the last days of Summer. Trying to appreciate the heat, pretending that Fall isn't creeping around the corner. In Spring we are inspired to grow and do new things, in Summer the pressure is on to have fun and relax. It's funny now much work and how stressful it can be to schedule time to relax. Yet, even in Summer, we can be inspired to re-invent ourselves and so this week's playlist kicks off with 'Midnight Sky' by Miley Cyrus. I've always been impressed by her ability to transform and grow, in 'Midnight Sky' she channels the 80's dance scene and exudes female empowerment.

As necessary as songs about struggle are, sometimes it's nice to know that there's someone out there that will lend you a hand, we witness that in Lukas Graham's 'Share That Love' (feat. G-Eazy).

The Killer's new album grants them 2 song slots on the playlist this week with 'Dying Breed' and 'Fire In Bone'. Despite being their first studio album without their former lead guitarist Dave Keuning, it still feels familiar and deliciously angsty.

The playlist wraps up with our featured Song of the Week - 'Thrill' by Future Islands. This song has been on repeat since I first heard it, we saved the best for last.

Take a listen and enjoy, happy Monday everyone.

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