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8/31/20 - New Music Monday

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Happy Monday friends,

We made it to the last day in August. In 2020, this feels like something of an accomplishment. The trees are already hinting at autumn with a few red and golden leaves beginning to fall. It's time to make the most of the dwindling days of summer.

This week's playlist kicks off with 'I'm Gonna Be Okay' by Tiffany Day, L.A. based indie, electronic singer-songwriter. It's a perfect song for a road trip, windows down, not feeling too concerned about much of anything.

Katy Perry's new album makes two appearance this week with 'Smile' and 'Only Love'. This album feels very introspective and personal, a little closer to 'Only The Boys' and I like it.

Dark and dangerous with an addictive beat, 'Nothing Good' by Goody Grace (feat. G-Eazy and Juicy J), is my song pick of the week. Something good did happen after 2 am.

We wrap it up with 'Starting Over' by country music's talented Chris Stapleton, I could listen to his soulful harmonies with wife, Morgane all day long. This song reminds us that it's okay to be happy with where we're at and now is a good time as any to start over.

Click here to listen on Spotify.


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