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9/14/20 - New Music Monday

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Happy Monday world.

This week's playlist has largely a dance track feel to it. Given the rainy week we had, I think the release date of these songs couldn't have come at a better time.

Highlights from the week include:

Billy Hammer's Mirage. I originally was about the write off his 3-song EP due to it being instrumental but I kept listening despite myself because well... his music doesn't need lyrics. I recommend listening to the entire EP, joshua tree.

It's OK to be Black 2.0 by Jac Ross, D Smoke and Buddy. These lyrics gave me chills. Here is a message of hope, inclusion and empowerment in a time when so much of humanity's ugliness has resurfaced and when the fight for racial equality and believing in your value as a human is more important than ever. Bravo.

Better Than This by Paloma Faith. Big and cinematic, this song soars with Faith's unique and powerful voice. It's the kick in the butt we need to better ourselves, our communities and our world.

Click here to listen on Spotify


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